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The rules of tournament by E-Mail

     1. TOSS-UP.
Before the beginning of tournament the toss-up of the participants is carried out (conducted),
where each of them is assigned it personal number, under which he (she) will play.
The moves of all played games are published on our server; ones are not dispatched personally.
Each participant waiting for publication of the opponent's move. Date of publication of a move is
recognized as date of the move.
To move, the player sends an email to  In a field "subject" the brief name of
tournament should be written. (It together with personal number is informed personally to each
participant before the beginning of tournament).
In a field "message" all moves, which are listed (transferred) the player is going to make. For
convenience of the letters processing moves should satisfy the following format:
White player number, asterick(*), black player number, dash, move number and move
(or moves if single answer case) itself.
Next game moves are specified on new line.
For example, you play in tournament under number 3.
Yours nickname - "Clerk".
On a site you see the following:
1. Speedman - 2. GreatBoy 12.02.99
1. c3-d4 b6-a5 2. b2-c3 c7-b6 3. ...
1. Speedman - 3. Clerk 13.02.99
1. c3-d4 h6-g5 2. g3-h4 ...
1. Speedman - 4. Hero 12.02.99
1. e3-f4 f6-g5 2. ...
2. GreatBoy - 1. Speedman 12.02.99
1. a3-b4 b6-c5 2. b4-a5 ...
Here you can see, that in the game 1-3 a current move black.
White have made the last move of February 13, 1999. It is necessary to send the move
in this game. The text of your letter will look so:
1*3 - 2. ... d6-e5
On receipt of such letter your moves will be added to current games and queue of a move
will pass to the contender. The moves you owe will send not later February 18 (13 + 5),
otherwise in the game 1*3 to you will be applying a delay of time.
     4. CONTROL of TIME.
For all tournaments the uniform rigid control of time is installed - 5 days per a move.
The readout of time begins from the date of publication of the opponent move.
     5. DELAY of TIME.
The answer delay exceeded 5 days, the player receipt the WARNING, and from this
moment readout is declared. (Another 5 days).
In case the player has catch 3 WARNING in one game, him (her) the defeat is set
in this game.
     6. OTHER FINES.
In case the player sends an incorrect (inadmissible) move, him (her) also the warning is
declared. Readout of time proceeds from the moment when an incorrectness of a move
(this date also is published) was detected. And in it case three warnings in one game are
equated to a defeat.
Each player has the right to take interruptions in tournament in 30 days of common duration.
It can be one break in 30 days, or 3 breaks till 10 days etc. The player has to inform about
such a break beforehands, then date, duration and terms of the break will be published for
all other participants.
For a victory in each game the winner receives 2 points. The drawn game is evaluated in 1
point. The defeat, naturally, points do not bring. The player with the best score (number of
points) is declared the winner of the tournament.
In case two or more players have taken an equal score, there will be the one above who
has gained more victories. By second on importance a criterion are the personal meetings
of these participants.
The beginning of tournament - 01 august 2001.